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A New Course for Authentic Living

Humanistic Alchemy is a response to the needs of these times. It offers a unique combination of elements from four strands of the Human Potential Movement - bodymind, transpersonal, expressive arts & eco-social - fused into an integrated programme for transformation, healing and self-actualisation.

Ancient alchemists sought to turn base metals into gold. Humanistic Alchemy gives participants a unique opportunity to engage in their own personal transformational process. The 'alchemical' outcome will be an exponential acceleration of both personal development and the capacity to facilitate others. To turn your personal material into gold, however you conceive that.

The Course consists of 35 experiential workshops over 2 years: one full weekend per month and a week-long rural residential in the second year. Co-ordinated by Guy Gladstone, Amadis Cammell and Richard Lawton, assisted by 21 additional workshop leaders from a variety of disciplines, HA is based on prevailing transformational paradigms and grounded in humanistic activities, while challenging current cultural attitudes.

Humanistic Alchemy is validated by The Institute for the Development of Human Potential (IDHP). Graduates of the course will receive both a diploma in Humanistic Alchemy and the IDHP diploma in Humanistic Psychology.

The first course ended in December 2013. The second course is currently in progress. The next course is likely to commence in 2017.